I'm Matic, hailing from Slovenia. Rejecting the ordinary, I founded my own company at 20, dodging the conventional 9-to-5 path. For 15 years, I've painted stories as a photographer and filmmaker. Now a sought-after Director of Photography (DOP), I orchestrate visual symphonies for weddings, commercials, music videos, and even an upcoming feature film.
Life abruptly changed with the loss of my dear friend Sara—both an exceptional photographer and a traveler. Amid grief, a revelation struck: I embarked on a journey to honor her. This expedition birthed a heartfelt film and a renewed sense of purpose.
Sixty days, six countries—my journey unfurled. With a dedicated travel Instagram account, I chronicled my odyssey, stitching together a tale of self-discovery. Fueled by memories, I formulated an ambitious marketing plan, embracing a future defined by resilience, transformation, and upholding Sara's legacy.
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